Vivian Le

"Fit"; Digital illustration, Giclee print; 13 x 13 inches

“Fit”; Digital illustration, Giclee print; 13 x 13 inches

Displaying rage can appear violent, ludicrous, and infantile– flailing body parts and yelling incoherent, high-pitched jargon. We often classify its rawness and irrationality as regression. Anger can also become fetishized in such that the agency of the provoked can be manipulated and taken away under influence. My interests focus on the symbolic and romantic nature of children, children storybooks, and dolls as visual metaphor. By employing a storybook-like aesthetic, I seek to contradict the weightiness of the issues I am questioning in my work. Children from a young age, especially girls, have been taught to control their emotions and keep themselves together, regardless of incident. We have to put on many faces to hide our true emotions. Sometimes, we lose ourselves and we must find those missing pieces in order to fully heal. Fit is part of a new ongoing series illustrating a narrative of how a child copes with trauma.