Tracy Ostmann-Haschke


Red Hound; acrylic on canvas; 48×60 inches


Boy with kite; oil on board; 8×8 inches


Moved by the rewards and challenges that characterize my own experience as an urban mother, and informed by my observations of how other individuals and families navigate the contours of city life, my work depicts people engaging in the daily activities of contemporary existence—barbequing, washing the laundry, playing in the back yard, cooking, messy rooms, night-time soothing. At times I find these simple moments surprisingly gratifying, and each painting is a “snapshot” that documents one such fragment of time. Considered together, however, the series is intended to bloom into a narrative of our modern family experience. Every piece presents contemplation on these timeless activities—a consideration of how they are undertaken today, and of how they were undertaken by the women artisans of my heritage. I build the surface of each work with layers of paint and glazes, and use the play of color, pattern, and drawing in a way that suggests the story that lies within, while deliberately leaving room for the viewer’s imagination.