The Power and Politics of Anger

EXHIBITION DATES: November 6 – December 18, 2015

FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE: September 1, 2015

NOTIFICATIONS: WEEK OF september 7-11, 2015



Chris Stain & Josh MacPhee, “We Want (Everything),”19″ x 25.” 2 color screen print.

Exhibition conceived and selections curated by: Angee Lennard, Founder and Executive Director, Spudnik Press Cooperative

Exhibition Description: Anger is typically stigmatized as an inarticulate, childish, excessive and undesirable emotion to have or express. Yet anger also has the power to mobilize people, to spur individuals into taking action to try and influence situations that may otherwise seem beyond their control. Anger’s effects can be profound: the emotion may lie dormant inside an individual or within an entire generation for decades, slowly building in intensity until it explodes in the form of protests, riots, or war. The Power and Politics of Anger investigates both the positive and negative role that anger plays in art, culture, politics, and everyday life. We seek works in all media that address questions such as: What does anger look like? Is there an “aesthetics” of anger? How is anger registered in works of art through content and/or form? How does identity—gender, race, socioeconomic status—influence social and cultural perceptions of anger as well as an individual’s right to express it? When is anger attractive? When is anger sexualized? When does anger create vulnerability? What is the role of anger in community building? When is anger healthy and generative? How can anger be leveraged to foster wellbeing? Print works are especially encouraged, but we welcome submissions in all media.

Bio: Angee Lennard is an artist, art administrator, and teaching artist. As Founder and Executive Director of Spudnik Press Cooperative in Chicago, Angee oversees a range of community-based arts programming including open studio sessions, classes, a residency program, publishing and collaborative projects, youth programming, and exhibitions. As a teaching artist through Marwen and Spudnik, she develops curriculum addressing print media, community projects, and illustration. Angee served four years as a Marwen Fellow, acting as an advocate, role model, and researcher for students, teaching artists, and staff, and is a member of Southern Graphics Council, Mid American Print Council, and the Chicago Printers Guild. Her own artistic practices combine fine art printmaking and freelance illustration. She holds a BFA from SAIC.