Susan Redecker


Purple Joy; mixed media; 48×40 inches


The Swimmers; mixed media; 40×30 inches


Virgin Child; mixed media; 24×24 inches


Virgin Child II; mixed media; 24×24 inches


Falling Star; mixed media; 48×72 inches


Angel I (time delay); acrylic, mixed media; 48×40 inches


Hatlady (lady with hat); acrylic, mixed media; 36×36 inches


The artist creates a visual atmosphere of ‘hide and seek’, what you see on the surface may not be the same underneath. By integrating bright, bold colors, multi patterns and textures, the eye is directed in and around the surface while the mind is left to wander in to social issues and tensions. The viewing dynamics is not unlike comparing a child’s painting of spontaneity and wonder as contrasted to Maurice Sendak’s graphic imagination for suggesting, ‘where the wild things are’.

The artist’s background fuses together her current work perspective with the simple joys of childhood when she was constantly cutting, pasting and playing with textures. Her formal art education gave the artist the skills, both observation and analytical, to explore creative solutions whether it be fashion or interior design or creative painting through interplay of color, design and texture. The artist today is working through whimsical, fun world of a child while looking below the surface to bring in additional adult levels of understanding suggesting human growth and sophistication.