Allie Stone & Kristina Daignault


Woven Light, 9x8x8 inches, Cotton, copper, LED lights

Allie Stone is a fiber artist engaged in processes of cloth making. In a moment of mass production and cultural-hybridization, cultural information is readily available and malleable. Perceptions of identity are perpetually redefined through relocation and immigration. In her work, Stone focuses on collecting cultural information and manipulating it in such a way that it exists in a new context, reflecting and heightening ideas of crossing cultures and re-inventing current modes of identity through woven objects.

Kristina Daignault is a designer, photographer, and culinary curator who currently creates content for Inside the Artist’s Kitchen. She explores elements of the duality of light in her photo series, Illumination and is interested in exploring how an object’s utility can be experienced in new ways.

Woven Light serves as a tactile investigation into light, combining the artists’ interests in hand woven textiles and designed objects. This collaboration borders on sculptural and functional, the outcome of which will investigate light, re-appropriating production processes and object identity.