Saskya Fun Sang


Mine, Yours and Ours (6.5″ x 3″ ea.), felt, NFS

I am interested in widening the view we have on the female body, breaking with the established binaries and pushing the idea of the body as a shifting entity that is in constant transformation, whether we desire those transformations or not.

The female body works in ways that go beyond most people’s understanding and is surrounded by an aura that is full of myths and ideas of divinity as well as prejudice and judgment, which are also characteristics that we find attached to the concept of virginity. Those characteristics are spaces that I am constantly trying to explore, understand and question from my position as a woman who believes in the body as an abstract ground that can and should be modified, if necessary.

Mine, Yours and Ours was developed with the idea of the vulva as the starting point, to eventually move into a more neutral space that was inspired by the diversity of bodies, gender identity and expression that exist.