Sana Aloui


“Here”; Screen printed cork fabric, machine knit, screen printed linen

I make art that makes connections. Growing up nomadically, I have a relationship to many cultures, while I belong wholly to none. I have lived in many countries, but call no particular one home. My art confronts liminality and the experience of existing on both sides of the boundary of ethnic and cultural identity. Fragmented dots, memories, images, and sensations scattered across a map of the world are laid out before me. Art and design enable me to draw the winding lines of connection, some bold, others fading in and out, disappearing or breaking off completely. These lines, though fragmented, are the links between people, cultures, and places. Creating and combining images and fabrics are the methods by which I form visual relationships.

I perceive fashion as the creation of collage and sculpture with a relationship to the body. Fiber processes including printing, dying, knitting and felting, make the creation of garments more intimate and call attention to the process of making, which I see as related to a journey. I am interested in the handmade, the imperfect, and work with a unique material sensibility. I seek to explore a nomadic state of mind, creating my own ‘cultures’ and ‘landscapes’ that investigate this space. In the midst of disorienting liminality, I create links and reconfigurations that tell new stories of the complexities of cultural identity.