Reisha Williams


Thin Line (41″ x 48″), mixed media, $2500 

I am a Chicago based contemporary fine art photographer and painter who creates images holistically by combining conception, styling, photography, collage and found objects . For several years, I have sustained both an artistic and erotic investigation into the nature of human sexuality.   

My first major body of work, the coffee table book Sexy Clowns, published in 2012, presents a satirical body of images that pose as a commentary on stereotypical ideas of women’s sexuality. Showcasing approximately 116 pages of photographs of women in a variety of everyday scenarios exaggerated by risqué clothing and garish clown makeup. The book highlights sexuality, fashion, make-up and socio-political introspection.   

I am currently co-owner of Galleryna19 and have also expanded my artistic efforts into the world of mixed media, specifically with intricate collage works. The use of unique and textured paper creates mind boggling effects on viewers.