Raffa Reuther


Interactive Soft Sculpture of the Female Anatomy (24” x 24”), hand dyed fabric, stuffing, thread, screenprint using fabric ink, $300


Clitoris Zine (5.5” x 8.5”), laser print on red paper, white paper, screenprint on sticker, $5

As a queer female artist raised in a patriarchal society that tries to combat progress at every turn, I have always been striving get closer to being a “woman who is one-in-herself.” A recent multifaceted project I have been working on aims to bring knowledge, understanding, self-love, community, and power to anyone who is willing to learn about and participate in understanding the clitoris. The project entails: an interactive performance with a soft sculpture of the female anatomy – where anyone is invited to disassemble and reassemble the anatomy to get a better picture of how all of our parts come together – as well as a zine that has a combination of personal writing and factual information about the clitoris, pleasure, and power. Each zine contains a page of other sources I have learned from in my ongoing process of understanding how to be a “woman who is one-in-herself,” as well as a handmade screenprinted sticker of my iconic interpretation of the clitoris – in the hope that all participants will continue the cycle and do their part to put this information out into the world.