Rae Broyles


White Paper and Flowers; Videographic mixed media on dibond panel; 73 x 41 in.; http://www.raebroyles.com/#!white-paper/c1d21


Episode 1; Tribute to Lhasa; Videographic mixed media on dibond panel; 73 x 41 in.; http://www.raebroyles.com/#!episode-one/c18f3


This series is a continuous exploration and integration of mediums to further the understanding of the narrative of the piece. Adding a layer of video, the viewer has the opportunity to contemplate the piece still and then has a second opportunity for questioning. The first piece, white paper and flowers, reflects the event of the millennium. With risk of being redundant, the story is told again in a new way.

The original concept for the second piece came to me in 2011 while trying to incorporate my intense love for music, dance and various painting mediums into one work through which I could more fully express myself. Not realizing that simultaneously to my developing this concept, Lhasa De Sela, a Canadian born singer who was inspiring my painting, was battling cancer. Her music had spoken to me so deeply at the time but I had no idea how it would connect to the piece in its final stages.