Wolfie Rawk


Down by the Dump (trans separatist community, Hackensack, NJ), Blown-up page from first large scale study of discrimination faced by trans people in USA, paper, paint, light, ceramic, prints

Materially fluid and interactive in nature, my work operates at the crossroads of video, drawing, sculpture, fiber, sound, ceramics, installation and sensory perception. I knead together concrete signifiers of historical and contemporary systems of power and marginalization with visual metaphor and aesthetics of play to propose new world orders that teeter totter the line between utopia and dystopia. Utilizing tactics of contagion, the work disperses textures, tastes, smells and sounds that break apart tyrannies of vision to bodily implicate the viewer in discussions of gender identity, race, class, sexuality, disability and animality. The gallery becomes a library, a trans separatist zone, a model home, a children’s museum, a crime scene and a consciousness raising room. It stretches and it buckles. It asks and it answers: “How am I not myself?”

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