Vivian Le


The Bedtime Story Book: Classic Tales from Childhood, 5.25x8x0.5 in., Found book, ink, paper

Children inhabit a small awkward space between human and object if one were to define a human as a being with an established self and an ability to act independently.

While the feminist movement does not set an age restriction, children mostly remain tucked away beneath the discourse. There exists a perception that a child is incapable of understanding conceptual thought and moral reasoning. By exaggerating the child’s naivety and innocence, we snatch away their agency and overlook the possibility of exploitation. The youth bear the responsibility of shaping our future.

My artist book explores issues of objectification and commodification of children through representations of doll-like characters. My interests focus on human trafficking, the child as a symbol of innocence, children story books, and dolls as visual metaphor. Regardless of fragility, readers constantly invade books through touch just as society exerts various pressures onto children. The Bedtime Story Book: Classic Tales from Childhood invites viewers to construct their own narratives as they interact with the form. With this piece, I am working to raise questions about our own human desires and discuss issues surrounding gender and sexual abuse.

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