Soheila Azadi


Kachi, Performance art

I am a story teller. My stories involve human interactions within the social sphere, while giving these interactions a critical meaning. My art is a transient social sculpture that shifts and transforms the space while illuminating social issues. My experiences as a Muslim woman who has lived under a theocracy in Iran, and as an immigrant who is living in the U.S. under a democracy have motivated me to research the spatial separations between the sexes, as well as the segregation between races. In my artworks, the seemingly different subjects of integration and separation are intertwined.

I create environments in which differentiations of race and sexes are recognized. I generate settings where people experience a community in which they develop relationships and empower themselves and others. I bring in people from conflicted countries and religions together to form communities where participants have equal roles while they share communal creative goals. These spaces fill the “absence of community” that people often feel as immigrants, queers, Muslims, Jews, women, etc. I focus on commonality where individuals are comfortable. My attempt is to instigate an environment where participants speak for themselves.

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