Rebecca George


Imprint of Loss, 60 x 48 inches, Oil on linen

My current work examines an array of underlying issues pertaining to the woman’s body: impermanence, the imprint of loss, the evolution of identity and the temporary nature of form. The language of the figure is expanded to incorporate exposure of the Pentimento in painting–the process of repentance and change. The work reveals the decisions of adding multiples of one figure to communicate a dialogue of gestures: twisting, bending, disconnected, uneasy–the body hit with an unforgiving light, broken into incomplete shapes, wrapped in cloth and shadow. The content of the work deals with the inner conflict inherent to the limitations of our existence within a woman’s body: weight, aging, illness; appearance vs. identity; and the body as a vessel: storing injuries and loss, recording experience and growing heavy with the burden of past.

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