Rebecca Ebben


I Am Made of Flowers, 40×30 inches, Oil and gold leaf on canvas

I Am Made of Flowers is the first work in a series that I am just beginning, which will explore and examine non-binary people and the way they present themselves.

I have been making work that deals with gender for the past three years. My previous works have always revolved around and relied upon a strict gender binary, which, as a cis person, I’m only starting to understand is harmful and unnecessary. I Am Made of Flowers is based on a “selfie” taken by an acquaintance who describes themself as genderless.

Feminism, as a concept, must be able to expand to include trans individuals and non-binary identities. By changing the way we think about gender and breaking down traditional gender roles and stereotypes, we can ensure equality and respect for not only women and men but also those who choose to identify outside of the binary.

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