Phaedra Call


Body Issue #1, 13×19 in., Fluorescent paper, tape, magazine paper


Body Issue #4, 13x19in., Fluorescent paper, tape, magazine paper












My work stems from a personal compulsion to correlate female athleticism to female queerness. Participation in sport, as an athlete and a spectator, played a crucial role in the development of my identity as gay woman from adolescence to adulthood.

Sports provided the sole context in which I felt able to fully embody aspects of my gender and sexual identity that elsewhere were seen as inappropriate or deviant. Sites of sport then became sites of revelation. It is precisely this revelation that I am visualizing through the process of collage, piecing together symbols of sport and symbols of sexual identity as a means of illuminating a sexual questioning answered by the sporting female body.

I aim to represent a female form that stands in opposition to culturally standard representations of femininity as passivity and envision instead a female form that is queer, disruptive and athletic.


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