Leo Selvaggio


Untitled from T-Silhouette Series, 8×10 inches, Inkjet print

The following work investigates themes of gender, identity, beauty and sexuality of the male body and its new context in our modern gender-sensitive society. As a feminist, I see a lack of representation of the problematic male form within popular culture. Growing up as a gay male, bombarded with the new hypersexual media of the 90’s, I had a constant desire to obtain a certain unachieveable body, a desire I believe that is becoming more and more relevant to all men.

My body of work is heavily rooted in the belief that problems with men’s bodies can benefit from feminist discourse. “T-Silhouette” is a formal photographic study of light, flesh, and the body. The goals of these works are to acknowledge the commercial objectification of the male form to the beauty myth, to make men aware of the social, physical, and psychological constructs of their own bodies, how these changes relate to feminist history, and finally to promote a dialogue that includes both the male and female form as site for discourse.

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