Katrina Schaag


Script. 6×9 inches, Photograph, sound

With text, image, and sound, my work investigates fantasy, projection, absence, and materiality in the context of gendered power dynamics.

The work formally explores performativity with baroque and camp aesthetics; melodramatic tonality enacts affective tension between sincerity and artifice. Script is documentation of an installation with sculptural objects, immersive audio, and live performance. The scene: small round wooden table, empty crystal cake platter, lace cloud. A melodramatically-inflected audio collage, excerpting text from Jane Rule’s “Desert of the Heart” (1964), permeates the space.

Appropriating and juxtaposing queer feminist texts that allude to historical arcs from second-wave feminism to post-feminism and from pre-Stonewall to legalized gay marriage, Script evokes competing alliances, performing a tension between rejection and assimilation, between disruption and repetition of conventional (particularly gendered and heteronormative) scripts.

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