Gabriela Guganovic


Allison, 21×17 inches, Photo

When we are talking about feminism we can not ignore motherhood. Motherhood is part of feminism, they are strongly related. There are no feminists who fight for women’s rights and women who have children- those are the same women at different points in their lives. Motherhood is neither an embarrassment to feminism nor an all-embracing definer of female power. It is part of some women’s lives and not others, but prejudices about it reflects in all of us. Feminists can be mothers, and mothers can be feminists. Discrimination toward motherhood affects every one of us, our ability to be free.

In this piece, I wanted women to exist alone in the company of their children. I was seeking to expose the hidden conflict within a woman: the fight to keep their individuality, their feminist beliefs while simultaneously being a proud mother. Women in these photographs are ready to stand by themselves but with their children they are able to show us an intimate world, a world we know and see every day yet do not notice the depth, importance and strength they carry.

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