Frances F. Denny


Unicorn, 21×32 inches, Archival pigment print

Taken from a current and ongoing series, these photographs describe the visual iconography of 90’s girlhood.

The symbols and colors, reminiscent of Lisa Frank and other girly-girl pop obsessions of the era, contribute to an aesthetic that still strongly influences my sensibilities as a 30-year-old woman. Despite my criticality of the saccharine, childlike qualities the subjects convey, this series as a whole is nonetheless an admission of that longstanding attraction.

I am interested in exposing how those girly-girl penchants and fetishes can remain inside—and outside—of us as grown women. Mixing studio portraits with apparent snapshots, still lives and abstraction, the images together don’t belong to one genre of photography, but rather reflect an amalgamation of both the found and constructed, much the way a sense of self grows and amasses over time.


Friendship, 32×21 inches, Archival pigment print