Danielle Dobies


Pearls, Pretty Please, 38 x 22 x 17 in., Foam, hardware cloth, lace, diamond-tufted special occasion fabric, acrylic, pearls, leather straps

Go on, you’ll like it- I promise- it won’t be a drag: Please try me on.
Step in, trade places, take selfies, delight!
See how I’ve sweated, my sweets; I’ve made this for you:

I’ve tufted, and ruffled,
folded, and pinned,
shoved, hammered, tugged,
stitched and tucked,
nipped, snipped, filled and forged.
bedazzled, and sewed,
opted, braided, stapled, nailed,
stuffed, and dyed
to tickle(tackle) your fancy, my dandy.

You’re cordially invited, sincerely, yours truly, my dear.