Pauline Kochanski


Photo A Day: 25 days; digital print; 10×10 inches


GPC: Fern Room; digital print; 13×18


In the past I worked with different formats including plastic lens cameras I found in resale stores. I also used the more traditional 35mm SLR cameras. When I received a Rolleiflex camera I found the format that suited my vision. I worked with this camera for many years and found room for a great deal of experimentation using the square format. I now include 35mm DSLR to continue exploring my themes.

My images are straightforward. When I photograph my subjects, museum interiors, people or any of the exterior or interior landscapes, the frame keeps the viewer from seeing what is beyond the fragment I choose. The image catches details that are often missed by a passing glance. Photography is more than a mirror of what we see; more than a document; it brings a new vision to the viewer.