Patty Rodgers


Red Table with Lemons; oil; 50×54 inches


Arrangement in Red and Green; acrylic on paper; 32×36 inches


My world revolves around color. I am inspired to paint because of the juxtaposition of color. I react to things I see around me, every day banal objects and places, and people. I have hundreds of sketches in small sketchbooks from which to choose subjects for my paintings. Although I rely upon the real world, I manipulate my compositions, to create a three dimensional space, and at the same time, an interesting combination of colors and visual movement. Recurring themes in my paintings are my dogs sleeping in the sun, objects I collect like tea pots and cups and paper weights. Interior spaces with tables and chairs, dishes, pencils, and my guitar, cut flowers, especially roses, the stuff of daily life, find their way into my, artificially colored world. I use the artistic technique of overlapping to make the spaces three dimensional. Because I take from various sketches, the paintings have a constructed look. I favor a clean hard edge look most of the time.

I grew up in Massachusetts. As a summer resident on Cape Cod surrounded by a colony of artists, I was inspired by all the paintings I saw. I took private painting lessons at 15, later graduated from Simmons College in Boston, then Rhode Island School of Design, (R.I.S.D.), with a BFA in painting. As a wife and mother in Connecticut I earned my teaching certificate and taught in the public schools for about ten years. I reside in Lake Villa with my husband, daughter, two dogs, and three guitars. I teach private art and guitar lessons, and occasionally perform at weddings or other functions.