Netta Sadovsky


“Casual Restraint”; Linen; One fits all all

My artwork investigates relational identity. Using performative, appropriative and interactive processes, I examine the ways that we define ourselves and others and thereby construct our reality.

In the context of relationships, we rely on identity categories — femininity or queerness, authority or control — to define individuals (ourselves included), and thereby exert pervasive influence on the lives of those we categorize. In accepting or resisting a designation, we also alter the meaning of that designation. In much of my work, bodies and body parts function as locations of relational choices.

I am particularly interested in identifying conventions in physical interaction, focusing on the way that cultural products encode such conventions and transmit them to consumers. I borrow the language of mass-marketed artifacts — such as commercials and apparel — and use them to tinker with the concepts that permeate my social environment.