Nakeya Brown

Nakeya Brown _Vidal Sheen.jpeg

Vidal Sheen (8″ x 10″), archival inkjet print, $300

Nakey Brown _Self Portrait in Shower Cap.jpeg

Self Portrait with Shower Cap (8″ x 10″), archival inkjet print, $300

Nakeya Brown _Satin Pillow.jpeg

Satin Pillow (8″ x 10″), archival inkjet print, $300

In the wake of reflecting on current how far America has progressed along racial lines, my work offers an outlet to examine the way African-Americans—specifically women— find a location in society in which our existence is affirming, powerful, and reflective. I am most concerned with using photography as a tool for representation and imagination. My practice centers itself on black female subjectivity, black beauty, and often uses hair as an apparatus to identify facets of womanhood. I utilize time specific effects that have racialized, commodified, and cultural relevance in their relationship to black women’s bodies and lived experiences. The shower cap, the hot comb, vinyl records depicting images of iconic African American songstresses, the perm kit, and hair dryers are just a few articles I photograph to entwine the materiality of the world with identity formation. Through my work, I hope to expand the bountiful actualities of African American women by critiquing beauty ideals defined by Western standards.