Maya Just Maya


Holding the Vision (40″ x 30″), oil on canvas, $3500

Making art is a catalyst for transformative growth, through which I deepen my understanding of the cycles of life, death, and renewed life. With a distinct feminist perspective, I examine social concerns, spiritual issues, and the expression of the divine feminine. I integrate an educational background in Fine Art Illustration and Gender Theory to create imagery that is poetic and surreal, using spiritual and mythological symbolism to explore issues of human identity and the mysteries of the subconscious mind. My creative process is also a psychological process towards self-realization and wholeness.

My paintings are dynamic and bold with a fearless use of color, and my artwork has a sculptural quality with great attention to detail that supports the intensity and emotion of the message.

I have always been on a quest for deeper meaning and art is a portal through which we can be transported out of the familiar and into the vast potential of the unknown. My paintings explore the boundaries of consciousness and creativity. I celebrate the power of animals and nature to nurture the spirit and open the heart, creating a doorway of communication. The female figures in my paintings are goddesses, warriors and creators. They each hold court in their private abyss, seeking the source of creativity, liberation and a new perspective.