Marsha Coupe


See Things Differently; Mixed media; 30×40 inches


See Things Differently (2); Mixed media; 30×40 inches

I’m a visual aesthetician and cultural anthropologist at heart. Photography, graphic design and writing are my primary mediums. I’ve always been a theme person. My work naturally comes with themes; sometimes simple, sometimes complex, but never abstract. I’m not sophisticated enough for abstract. My art often contains the statement: See Things Differently. I make this request as much for myself as others.

I enjoy the challenge of telling a story; making a statement; sharing an idea; or capturing a specific moment with my work. All the images of me, my eyes, my lips, my various parts, are taken by me. 99% are solipsistic self portraits. As a widowed artist, I spend a lot of time alone. It infuses my work with awkward narcissism. I’m a handy prop. I take my own instruction well.

Native to Northern California, I lived on both sides of America’s coasts, before immigrating to Kent, “The Garden of England,” a decade ago. I’ve always felt like an immigrant, so actually living the immigrant’s life suits me. Chicago is on the radar for my next move. When not making art, I write, design and build websites, cook, and flex my liberal activist muscles as feminist and size diversity advocate on both sides of the Atlantic.