Marcia Santore


Too Late (50.5″ x 36″), acrylic paint, Mylar tape on loose canvas, $4000

The feminist aspects of my work address standing up for those attributes of personhood that are undervalued because they are associated with the feminine. This includes the right to exist as a person in one’s own right, as an individual with an identity distinct from relationships—whether as daughter, sister, partner, wife, mother, friend, or colleague. In my work, I express the value of those characteristics of women that are eagerly suppressed in our culture, including the expression of strong emotions, such as anger, ferocity, or exuberance, which women are pressured to contain; the physicality and animal nature of the body; and expressions of the maternal, an aspect of female personhood that is essential to the survival of the species, yet devalued in society as a whole, especially in the workplace, even within the art world and some types of feminism.