Mallory Murphy


“Black Veins “; Rubber; 12 x 24 x 0.25 inches


“Felt Collar “; Felt; 10 x 14 x 10 inches

Through the use of new technology and hand manipulated mediums, I am able to mimic the unblemished lines found in nature. Although each laser-cut piece is precise, as a jewelry and metalsmith, I include handmade elements in all of my work. Whether it is observed in my initial sketch or included in a rasterizing layer, my pencil marks remain, each piece becomes a direct extension of my own hand’s capabilities. Moving my work into the digital realm allows me to satisfy my desire for symmetrical line work, while creating a variety of elements to piece together. It is my intention for the viewer to recognize the lines and shapes in each of my pieces and correlate them to his or her memory or experience.

My work reflects how I experience the world around me. By making large collars and necklaces the wearer is able to have an intimate relationship with forms found in nature. My desire is for an interaction with the lines and forms found in the natural world and a more complex landscape. I enjoy the juxtaposition of machine-made objects that speak of the natural world; it is this complex interaction that makes my mind and eyes most at ease.

As an observer, I’m instantly drawn to lines and shapes I see in my immediate and desired environment. As an artist I explore these elements abstract them and create small wearable objects or entire pieces composed of my memories. The medium I choose comes from the elements I am creating, or textures that can immediately take me back to a memory or remembered form; I then make these memories tangible in my artwork.


“8:50 Breakfast”; Instant Breakfast Packets; 12 x 22 x 12 inches