Maika Carter


Push/Pull, 8×8 inches, Photo

Self-exploration is a devotional course that can be viewed as a series of deaths and rebirths, or perpetual exercises in living and dying. The living and dying can be represented by light and darkness; one cannot exist without the other. In fact, light gets lighter (read: brighter) as it moves toward the dark and vice versa. When we are moving through times of darkness, it is quite necessary to seek a path of self-discovery and to conjure our own light and keep it burning brightly, radiating intensely, in order that we may stay on course. Having no religious affiliation myself, this is my attempt at turning the making of photographs into a spiritual practice that serve as a prayer of sorts put out into the world with the intent of healing and continuing the examination process.  Using a slow shutter speed on the camera allows me to consider how movement and time, quite literally through photographic long exposure, shed light on the subject during the self-examination process. This is an offering to myself and to the world as we all (individually and collectively) strive and struggle to find our light and keep it burning brightly against the dark.