Madison Manning


“Lady”; Hair, brass; 14 x 14 x 12 inches

My work in terms of adornment are in constant reaction to their environment. These ephemeral objects are meant to be worn or experienced. Though they are non-precious objects their existence stands in deference to the care extended by the viewer. Utilizing non-traditional materials such as plastics, hair or thread recontextualizes the dualistic relationship between the body and the physical and emotional space it occupies.

As a response to pre conceived identities imposed by societal expectations of the western woman I respond with both the negation of existing identity and conversely the creation of new bodily identities. Use of textiles, thread, and hair are assembled by cutting, wrapping, sewing and bunching. These materials and techniques are employed to stand in imposition to traditionally feminine craft art by placing my work within a context of empowerment. The wearer controls access granted to the viewer through the pieces by creating a portable private space.