Lyndsay Rice


Untitled; Steel, power coating, plastic; 12 x 14.5 x 3.5 inches


Untitled; Steel, power coating, plastic; 19 x 11 x 0.5 inches

I aim to amplify the body through applied form. I utilize the format of jewelry because of its relationship to the body, and apply ornamentation by utilizing pattern and color as a means to create structure on the body. I source pattern from Alexander McQueen’s 2010 series, Plato’s Atlantis, where animal skins were digitally manipulated into fabric patterns. My work appropriates the patterning from a specific dress within the series and replicates it in industrial materials, creating jewelry objects that become skin again on the body. I am interested in the layering of meaning created when animal skins are appropriated into fashion objects.

The appropriated patterning from the McQueen Dress is made of butterfly and snakeskin patterns in electric yellow, green, and blue colors. My work mimics this patterning and coloration of the dress to return the pattern back to the body. This centered, symmetrical pattern in a bold hue refers to an animal’s high level of danger in the natural world: the intensity of the color suggests its level of poison. By making this object in metal I create a layer of armor and protection on the body. This enables the wearer to take on the original effect of the natural animal skin; operating simultaneously as an attractant and repellant to the body.