Lorraine Peltz


Chandelier Yellow, 40×40 inches, Oil and acrylic on canvas

I am a Chicago based artist whose paintings and works on paper examine the ideas of memory, place, and identity – particularly in relation to women. Using imagery culled from both personal history and the contemporary moment, my recent work incorporates the remembered image of a particular chandelier with a range of painterly events, sometimes including patterned flowers, starbursts, and decorative flourishes. Though never completely relinquishing their connection to the object each image radiates with an individual and evocative sense of light as the subject moves in and out of focus through the manipulation of the painted field allowing each viewer to impose their own recollections. The images coalesce into exuberant fields of color that resonate with accumulated meanings, and provide an expanse of visual pleasure.

“Ultimately it is the effortless look and the playful sensibility in Peltz’s work that gives her authority… Peltz has developed a richly appealing body of work dedicated to the exploration of visual meanings and personal and collective symbolism.” (Kevin Wilson, Art Ltd, Jan. 2012)