Lisa Vinebaum


“New Demands? Living Wages For All Workers”; Neon; 26 x 34 inches

I am a Chicago-based artist, critical writer, and educator; I see art making, writing and teaching are all critical tools to foster deeper connections to history, to politics, and to other people. My practice spans lens-based and public performance, sited interventions, socially engaged interactions, screen printing, text-based installations, neon, and textile banners. My work explores otherness and identity, the performance of labor, precarity, and the value of artistic labor. I draw inspiration from historical instances of collective organizing, particularly in the labor movement, and it seeks to connect past and present forms of collectivity and community building. Since 2011 I have been creating work under the title of New Demands?, an ongoing series of exhibitions and  performances connecting the current crisis in timed labor to historical struggles for workers’ rights. Other creative and scholarly projects investigate the social histories of textiles, their mobilization by contemporary artists to bring people together and foster social relationships, and links between the field of textiles and that of social practice.