Lisa Jenschke


Julian; Silkscreen monoprint; 14×11 inches


Until Nothing Else Matters; Silkscreen monoprint; 29.5×20 inches


Lisa Jenschke is a local artist who recently completed the Hyde Park Art Center’s Center Program for developing artists. Her work focuses largely on the human form, drawn quickly or painted painstakingly, using the figure to convey ideas through motion and to capture fleeting moments.

She utilizes a wide variety of media: acrylic and oil, charcoal and graphite, feather and ink. Most often she is engaged in transforming charcoal figure drawings into silkscreen prints. Rather than working in multiples, she prefers to focus on the monoprint, where every print is a unique combination of print and painting. The ink or paint is manipulated to produce textures that are velvety or transparent, with brushstrokes or bubbles, shadows and dimension, and combined with materials – wood, paper, fabric, canvas – to create individual pieces.