Lisa Allswede


Free Thought Can Be a Dangerous Endeavor; Photograph, pins, tacks, hand & machine embroidery; 24 x 24 in.


Reflecting on the challenges of equality and stereotypes, these curious images of women examine society’s assumptions of motherhood, beauty, social issues, and cultural differences. It is intriguing how the focus tends to be on the woman’s flaws instead of celebrating our unique qualities.

In this body of work, I embrace the untold beauties found in imperfections. Using my Huskystar 219 sewing machine, I fluctuate between stitches, tension, and width to create loops and snarls on top of a paper surface. These tangled-up threads become whimsical lines that add depth to each image. Women’s flaws become a thing of beauty, not a rejection.

unnamed (1)

Free Thought Can Be a Dangerous Endeavor (detail)

unnamed (2)

Tools of the Trade; Photograph, zipper, tacks, machine embroidery; 30 x 24 in.

unnamed (3)

Intriguing Asymmetries Are Everywhere; Photograph, tacks, machine embroidery; 24 x 24 in.