Lee Bullitt

Know Whence you Came 12 by lee bullitt.jpeg

Know Whence You Came (20″ x 30″), digital print, $250

thick skin by lee bullitt.jpeg

Thick Skin (8″ x 10″), original polaroid, $200

In an instant, using the photographical equivalent to raw material, I take portraits using polaroids. This is both a means to explore the ways in which I can push my photography and the ability to capture intent and feeling and to satisfy the subject with the sentient gratification now so easily accessible. The polaroid series I’ve built over the last year seeks to explore the ways in which we are bound to our bodies as women, the likeness between ourselves and a given environment versus a realm in which women may feel they hold the most power. Portraits are therefore taken in my home or theirs, and have a consistency in the feeling of intimacy and vulnerability that we no doubt feel when we step outside each day and try to live our lives in public.