Kate Blomquist


Adrift, 60×72 inches, Oil on aluminum

I paint impermanence. Finding limits in the fixed nature of painting, I strive to create experiences that are slippery, surfaces that exist in a state of flux, and spaces where a single gesture has the capability to crystallize or collapse depth. My marks and lines are quick and calligraphic echoing landscapes and architecture trapped in moments of simultaneous formation and destruction. The materials I work with are carefully selected to act not as passive supports but rather active surfaces that allow for a negotiation between finding, breaking, and building relationships between mark, image, and material.

I paint on aluminum, contrasting the reflective quality of the metal with matte paint. As the viewer moves around these works, the light shifts, animating the painted gestures. In one moment the painting can seem to be a rendering of solid rock, but with a slight change of position the same mark can become disintegrating ephemera. Light plays an important role in my work with 16mm film as well. In my work, I want the viewer to find balance on shifting structures whose foundations could collapse beneath you and to let the passage of time and the visceral effect of a change in light wash over you.