Julie Weber


Internal Oscillation (Kodak Supra, Endura, Surface N), 20×24 inches, Undeveloped sheet of chromogenic paper, embossed, partially washed, unique

My practice explores the mutability of photographic materials, investigating how photographs are made, their embedded histories, and their physicality. Utilizing, pushing, and undoing conventional processes behind photographic image making, I reconsider the fundamental aspects of the medium, namely paper, light, and chemicals.

Each unique work is created by exposing chromogenic photographic paper directly to light without the controlled mediation of a camera or darkroom enlarger. Paring down to the inherent properties of the paper – color, size, surface finish, etc. – I draw on this implicit photographic language as both form and subject matter. Washed with water in select areas, the paper is otherwise unprocessed and remains sensitive to light. Revealing the papers’ response to light over time, the surface becomes a site of continuous transition through perpetual latency.