Julie Rozman


Dispersed House Piece (Variable Version), 3.75×2.5 inches (each), Vellum, plywood, performance

My practice revolves around observation over time. I am interested in slowing down, and in inviting a viewer to do the same. My mind is intensely inquisitive and sometimes frenetically-active. Give me a drag chute, a timescale much larger than the momentary, a breath of embodied experience, a respite within a culture of instant gratification, hurry, impatience, and demanded productivity.

My practice is characterized by quietness, stillness, a contemplative pace, a minimalism of means. I work through site-specificity, installation, photography, video, objects, instruction, and text. I strive for the sublime as much as the quotidian, and suspect that the difference between the two is merely a matter of perception.

Much of this observation, and the resulting work, revolves around shifting light, from perfect silver skies to mesmerizing details of cast shadow. During the course of this long meditation, my understanding has also evolved. I continue to deeply value, and wish to provoke, observation of one’s direct experience. At the same time, I’ve come to understand the potential of more static pieces to serve as meditative objects that have their own embedded slowness: reminders, souvenirs, in a sense, of the sorts of experiences they reference.