Judith Hladik-Voss


Circular Reasoning (detail); Linocut fabric assemblage; 60x65x2 inches


N.H Shopping Mall; Monoprint etching; 12×18 inches


The conceptual series “Tactile Prints” examines text/language: how small permutations in meaning can evolve into major shifts in comprehension. I engage the viewer in a visual conversation using printmaking, hand-designed fonts and pictographs, found vintage fabrics and traditional female handcraft practices. Works are 5 x 6 feet per panel.

The monoprint etching series “Natural History” was inspired by Roman historian Pliny the Elder’s “Historia Naturalis,” the world’s first encyclopedia. Much like the Internet, Pliny’s work was full of error. This ongoing project explores how distortions and propaganda become accepted as fact, and challenges the concept of comprehensive universal knowledge. The series numbers over 150 monoprints, created using aquatint, etching, linocut, Chine Collé and monotyping techniques.

Together, these two ongoing series comprise an unlimited universe in which I explore serious content in a playful and thoughtful manner.