Jina Seo


“Seam Structure”; Copper, fabric, thread; 9.5 x 4.25 x 5.5 inches

Meeting at the intersections of sexuality and art, humor and craft, and fetish and fashion, my research focuses on sublimating sexual iconography by encompassing both genders into bodily forms that arouse physical and emotional sensations. As a maker who finds inspiration in the spontaneous process of working with material, I find it fascinating and thought provoking when material and process are associated with not only physical artwork but also a manner of conceptual thinking that is embodied in the artwork. I specifically utilize mundane materials such as tattered clothing and reconstruct them into wearable objects. The fabric scars like speckles, stains, holes, and fluffs on the aged clothes deepen the concept of how clothes closely interact with the human body. By transforming bits of old clothing into suggestive forms, I investigate the moment when the ordinary objects that are used on a daily basis turn into something surreal, which allows the audience to have an uncanny experience.