Jim Charles


“Black and Purple Necklace, The Conduit Series”; imitation pearls, rubber cord, and C-Lon thread


“Blue, Yellow, and White Necklace, The Shadow Series”; acrylic, enamel paint, imitation pearls, rubber tubing, and thread

What is the transition between adornment and the body? Shadow to light? The fragment to the whole? My current series is comprised of these questions. I compose laser cut acrylic, glass and plastic pearls, various rubber cord and tubing, thread and other common materials as dynamic transitions in my jewelry.

This work first studies light and shadow from objects on and around the body. I made jewelry inspired by photographic details of my earlier work. I concerned myself with the visual finality of photographing objects. What about the space the work occupies, the movement unseen or obscured in the photograph? This idea resulted in a fragmented recreation of my previous work, by making their shadows concrete.

The second, transitions between materials I initially thought odd to make coherent. It incorporates the fragmentation in transitioning from one common material to another, creating a whole of opposing substance. These are objects about the object.