Jessica Gondek


Enterprising Machines; Charcoal, Pastel, and Digital Print; 46×78 inches


The primary focus of my work is abstract, stemming from an interest in technology, geometry, nature, and human invention.  Over the past decade, my work has been concentrated in the areas of painting, printmaking, digital printmaking, and drawing.

My recent work endeavors to blur the line between hand and machine.  The Enterprising Machines series are works inspired by machine aesthetics that reference common tools and domestic utilitarian objects.  My process begins with digital manipulations from vintage consumer catalogues published in the early 1900’s for Pratt and Whitney Company tools, and Enterprise Manufacturing Company, maker of domestic gadgets. The digitally printed elements I compose recall blueprints or plans, and create a foundation for the modification of the context of these implements.

Drawing and painting from observation of actual objects allows for transposition and mutability between layers of printed and observed information. The objects explored are simultaneously transformed denying their original functional purpose and asserting an animated physical presence and internal narrative.


Enterprising Machines; Oil and Digital Print on Canvas; 36×36 inches