Jessica Fu


Natural Light, 20×30 inches, Photo

My practice finds ephemerality in materials– for instance, reflections and shadows in the medium of light– as a point of departure to investigate notions on the transformative quality of memory.

I work with drawing, animation and installation. I draw with inconvenient materials, such as light, shadow, and projection to challenge the perceptions of drawing. The imaginative world that I created contains invisible memory, emotion and identity. Visual metaphor is an important element in my work.

I am inspired by personal and collective memory after tragedy and natural and artificial phenomenal in the surrounding world.

Recently, I am exploring the theme about the darkness of human beings including forgotten, loss and ignorance. I believe to understand life  as I go through the exploration of death. The question of the relationship of soul and body and its transformation allow me to live in the moment. My work is not only about building an inner imaginative alternative space but it is also a mirror-like world that keeps asking “what is reality?” to my audience.

The romantic and poetic quality of my work keeps asking the deepest question within our personal mind. It is a philosophical study on ontological meaning for all individuals human being and myself.