Jessica Bingham


Cyan, 30x30x22 inches, Acrylic on canvas, blue & green lights

Light is ephemeral; it rapidly changes throughout the day altering our perception of time, colors, and memories. I am interested in how reflections and shadows caused by light are ever changing, as well as how light modifies colors and values of the objects I make.

My paintings expand out from the wall, in what I refer to as three-quarter work pieces. Their interaction with light is based on their protruding forms, which capture a sense of mobility as they expand into space. I illuminate my painting with colored lights, which alter the hues of the paintings and the shadows cast, while creating reflective illusions.

The lights transparent color acts as a glaze upon the opaque paintings surface. I “mix” colors and adjust values without literally applying layers of paint to achieve the effect.

As the light glows onto the painting, it also casts shadows onto the wall and within the paintings folds. However, the shadows are not simply grey, they are the complementary color of the light’s hue. While the light bounces around the paintings surface, it also spills onto the wall. The hue of the light on the wall causes the painting to seem reflective. As the colored lights alter my pieces, the light within the room they are in also changes the viewing state. At the moment, I am not interested in creating a controlled environment for this body of work. It is the impermanence of light that keeps me occupied.