Jessica Andersen


“Sidewall” ; Tire, steel; 22 x 12 x 4 inches

Waste has the ability to convey memory, emotion, and history. It is the silent witness to our lives. Trash emits feelings of abandonment, disrepair, and disarray. In my current work, I feel the need to rectify trash’s neglected condition. I recognize that waste devoid of function and intrinsic material value can still be appreciated as artifacts of our material culture.

Exploring the aesthetics and the evocative nature of waste, I create jewelry pieces using found objects that illustrate and exemplify the appeal of discarded, everyday trash. By presenting refuse in the intimate and personal format of jewelry, I ask the viewer to reflect upon their relationships to objects and things. My hope is that through these pieces I am able to bring attention to the disregarded remnants of life encountered in everyday urban living.