Jeanette Diaz


Hilda and the purple sofa

Hilda and the Purple Sofa; Oil on Canvas; 48 x 36″


Hilda; Oil on Canvas; 36 x 36″


Cosmo; Oil on Canvas; 24 x 30″

simple beauty

Simple Beauty; Oil on Canvas; 48 x 36″


Sandra; Oil on Canvas; 36 x 48″


Sandy; Oil on Canvas; 48 x 36″



Chicago native Jeanette Diaz is a self-taught and self-represented artist. Her portrait paintings stem from a passion for personal interpretation of beauty itself. She translates her photographic images on to canvas with the vision of a painter. She first documents or captures experiences that have meaning through the lens of her camera and then personalizes these moments fluidly onto her oil paintings, leaving the art to become a vehicle for self-reflection and discovery. Jeanette operates with a passion for the brilliance of color. She is inspired by the works of Matisse and Cezanne.