Ifeatuanya Chiejina

To Trust and Let Go, I Head in Your Direction by Ifeatuanya Chiejina.jpg

To Trust and Let Go, I Head In Your Direction (12″ x 16″), mixed media on paper mounted on board, $700

With each day that passes, I am thankful to be a black female of Nigerian descent. I’m constantly coming into the realization that it is up to me to present myself, and bring forth my own happiness. I carry some ideas, thoughts, and truths that are reflective of Nigerian customs and traditions. But I also accept and carry with me truths that aren’t. Conversing with different people opens the door for my beliefs to be questioned. How I best choose to honor myself and speak honestly in those instances, when there is potential for relationships to be formed or broken, really defines who I am as an individual person. Creating portraits and figurative pieces is my way of indicating the importance of knowing thy self.