Hudley Flipside

A Mother

“A Mother”


I am stepping out and taking a challenging new move towards presenting my art. My rogue but intuitive style is based on the enjoyment I experience while creating. I have a palpable and humorous style which touches on what I call nature politics. As an artist, writer and cartoonist I explore and capture what I see as the essence of beauty, the paradox of life and the integrity of esoteric insight. As a Jester I enjoy “nice and messy” satire; bringing out the muses to dance, sing and mock with the best of the tricksters. My ethical obligation is to do the best that I can…Hudley (Mantis) Flipside (aka Hud) is the pen name and pseudonym created by Holly Duval Cornell.

Co-editor and Publisher of Flipside Fanzine. 1979 to 1989
Graduate of California State University Northridge.